Steps echoed from the entrance of the immense yet gorgeous castle walls. Sound of collisions, pokemon cries and shouts could be heard close from there, though only one person, a young woman was fast walking in the corridor right now. 
Guilt and anxiety was the correct words to describe what exactly that trainer was feeling right now. Leaving the gym leaders behind by covering her way from six of the seven sages wasn’t an intention to be taken by free will. 
But she knew what to do: stop N. Before he causes more damage than he already did. 
Fearing for the unwelcoming foes she might have to face, she reached for one of her pokeballs and let out her Serperior, none than her first pokemon after moving from Johto. The elegant snake, easily told apart from others of his kin by his large scar and King Rock laying in his forehead, bowed to his trainer, waiting for her orders.
"Royal, please in my side and stay alert for any unwelcoming movements"
The Serperior hissed as sign of agreement. Feeling way more secure, the trainer resumed her walking through the castle. 
While approaching the stairs for the next floor, she felt a rumble from her scarf: one of her pokeballs was shaking, obviously with the pokemon inside with intentions to get out. 
Instinctively the trainer let out the nervous pokemon. In a matter of seconds a somewhat very young Zoroark, holding a pair of Blackglasses in his very large mane was standing with his back turned to her trainer and teammate, growling and bearing his teeth in direction of the stairs. 
"Luís, what’s going on?" No answer. In fact, the fox ignored them and dashed, quickly disappearing to the second floor. 
Without wasting time, the trainer and Royal gave chase but suddenly a human cry of pain echoed from there, 
Without caring to recognize the voice of whenever who screamed, the trainer ordered the Serperior to go ahead. However she quickly made to the place but in her gaze turned from confusion into total shock:
Luís was standing ahead, growling and glaring to the person before him, in his kneels and hands covering his face. She gasped for seeing blood shedding badly between his and her Zoroark’s fingers. 
Only by then she recognized the harmed person: one of the Shadow Triad, which usually are impossible to grab or catch out of guard. However it’s not what happened this time. 
The girl knew Luís hold a huge grudge for the trio of ninjas. But since it was for petty reasons, she never could guess he was willing to MURDER them. 
Without hesitation, she recalled the Zoroark back to his pokeball. Strangely he didn’t fight to get out again. Royal, in his side, was absolutely unpleased for his teammate’s actions, not taking his eyes for the pokeball, ready to scold him badly once everything is over.
The Shadow Triad member stood up, startling the trainer and Serperior. He was still moaning of pain but his eyes were open. The scratch was deep but not enough to blind him. The trainer theorized the ninja managed to dodge enough to protect his eyes. 
She noticed traces of shattered cloth in the ground, now painted of red from his blood. His mask was been completely ripped off but she still couldn’t see his face, covered by one of his hands.
"Trainer, that Zoroark of yours won’t stay unscratched from this. Mark my words." 
And then he vanished.

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